Diving in Amadores

The underwater world and the fish life in the waters of Amadores is amazing. The blue waters surrounded with all the fish is a great feeling. You want to stay forever. diving amadores underwater world feeling fish

Amadores is a great place to dive. The entry point is from the beach which is a sandy area, easy to get in and out. In the bay itself you will find lots of life. The Dive center Blue Water Diving has created a small artifical reef where plenty of life is living. Like octopusses sometimes stingrays, shrimps and the normal underwater life for the Atlantic Ocean.

If you go outside the bay, you can turn to the left. The waters are a bit deeper, up to 14 meters and ou will find a wall with lots of life. Look around as well on the sandy part, because there is plenty of fish life. Flounders, cuttle fish, stargazers, stingrays diving amadores underwater world feeling fish ask about mogan

Between the rocks you will find crabs, shrimps, stingrays and much more. You have to come and check this out. For more information just contact us.


The feeling of being part of the underwater world and its fish life is incredible.

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