Diving in Arinaga

Diving in the marine reserve of Arinaga, as well called El Cabron, is a great place to dive from shore. This place is perfect for beginners and advanced divers. Diving Arinaga 10 open certificate ask about mogan

You can dive of the beach, or a bit more adventurous from the rocks. The beach is great for the beginners, the open water dives for the beginner courses could easily be done from here. To get your first certificate, you need to be 10 years old. This certificate is called the padi open water diver course.

Diving Arinaga 10 open certificate ask about moganIf you are diving from the rocky part, you always have to be more carefull. But the instructors from the dive centers will help you to have a safe entrance in the water. The life what you will find here is amazing. Schools of snappers, barracudas, octopusses, some rays and of course all the other atlantic fish life. You will not stop looking around to discover all this great life here in Arinaga, El Cabron.

In the center of Arinaga itself is as well a beautiful beach and lots of restaurants where you can go after the diving.

If you have any questions about the diving or Arinaga, please contact us or have a look on the site for this dive center Blue Water Diving

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